Getting to know our customers makes the design process personal.
One thing we are passionate about at Picacho Mountain is people. We love meeting all of the interesting and diverse people who visit our development every week.

But when someone decides that Picacho Mountain is the perfect place for their new home, that is when we really get excited about getting to know them. At that point, we get the opportunity to spend time getting to know their needs, tastes, and dreams so we can help them turn a dream home into a reality!

Mark had an “up close” view of his home build, even though he was far away!
We recently finished a home for Mark Mesch who was moving to Picacho Mountain from Salt Lake City, Utah. Even though he only visited Las Cruces three times during the construction process, he had an up close view, thanks to the hard work of our lead salesperson, Billie Haynie.

“I received a daily email of pictures showing every aspect of construction,” says Mark. “From pad prep to pour, plumbing rough in, framing, wiring, HVAC, and every stage of construction, Billie’s detailed photos allowed me to experience the progress being made.”

Billie had already spent time getting to know Mark, showing him around town and helping him understand how the process would work.

“I immediately fell in love with every aspect of the city and property location,” says Mark. “I made my purchase right after my first trip to Las Cruces. Billie handled every aspect of the building process, and all the documents were handled electronically.”

After the papers are signed, then comes the fun part!
Mark chose the Durango model in The Willows neighborhood and got to work right away making his changes and upgrades. In all, he made 28 modifications from the original design from things as small as adding 6 nichos and additional lighting to a larger view window in the master bedroom. He also had some unique and specific requests for custom tilework.

“Karen worked with me closely to ensure I was happy with all the changes I made to the house,” says Mark. “Karen and I spoke at least weekly, and with some issues like the kiva fireplace, much more frequently.”

Mark’s second trip to Las Cruces occurred when the framing on his new home was complete — the perfect time to work on the design details with Karen Pofahl.

“Karen spent a part of every day helping me select floor tile, countertops, and cabinets,” says Mark. “She introduced me to her vendors so I could ask questions. On this trip I began to realize just how competent Karen is. She pays great attention to detail, and also has a very good sense of style and extremely good taste. She spent hours with me at the Mexican tile store developing tile ideas for the bathrooms, and she was not afraid to voice her views. In the end, I always felt she wanted to help me make the best choice possible while fulfilling my design vision.”

“Every commitment she made was followed through in a timely manner.”
On Mark’s third and final trip to Las Cruces during the construction process, all the little details and final finishes had to be wrapped up. These last details can be time consuming and require a lot of coordination. This is when we shift into high gear to make sure our customers can make their dream home a reality.

“Again, Karen spent the time with me necessary to make these important decisions,” says Mark. “We had a very good concept regarding the bathroom tile work, but I had a difficult time wrapping it up. Karen offered to take on the project when my time in Las Cruces was up, and by this time I had such respect for her I gave her the green light to complete the designs on her own. I was not disappointed.”

Finally, Mark’s dream home is his new home!
Mark is all moved in, and he is thrilled with how all of his design visions were brought to reality.

”I smile giddily every time I return from errands, and even when I just roam aimlessly from room to room,” says Mark. “The quality of the build is amazing.”

Two of Mark’s friends recently embarked on similar home-building adventures in Arizona and Virginia, so he has been able to compare notes with them on their experiences and the finished product.

“In every instance, I see how the care, involvement, and thoughtfulness of Karen and the entire team has resulted in a home that clearly outshines the homes of both my friends,” says Mark. “Karen and Bob’s philosophy of what makes a community is clearly foundational in everything they have done at The Willows.”

Welcome to The Willows, Mark. It has been a pleasure working with you, and we are glad to call you neighbor!

Are you ready to make your dream home a reality? If Mark’s story is just the type of building experience you have been looking for, we would love to sit down and get to know your hopes and dreams for a new home!

Contact us today. We look forward to meeting you.