Home Owners Association​

Through partnerships with the country’s top consultants and studies of the best practices of successful HOAs around the United States, the Picacho Mountain Home Owners Association (HOA) will protect the value of your home and help the community thrive for generations to come.

For $55 per month* (for Estate Homes) you benefit from:

  • High quality Covenants, Codes & Restrictions (CC&Rs) & Bylaws that protect the value of your home and the integrity of the community
  • Detailed Architectural Design Guidelines
  • A fulltime town manager will handle HOA management, enforcement of CC&Rs, and planning of community events and activities
  • Professional maintenance of community facilities, parks, open spaces, landscaping, drainage, and roads

The Willows at Picacho Mountain HOA fees include front yard maintenance, gated community, and maintenance of the central park. Fee is $105 per month.

A professionally managed HOA means you spend time enjoying community without worrying about managing the community!

To download a copy of our HOA documents, click on the links below:

*Additional fees may be assessed for certain neighborhoods with additional amenities such as gated access or front yard landscape maintenance.

If you would like information or have questions regarding Picacho Mountain Homeowners Association call our office at 575.523.2500 or contact us.

Resident Community - Staying Connected

A vibrant community is a place where you have the opportunity to engage neighbors through clubs, organizations, events and more. Increased volunteerism, sharing, trust and cooperation result from the enhanced social fabric of a connected community.

Picacho Mountain provides opportunities for residents to engage with other residents through:

  • Community Activities
  • Community Clubs & Organizations
  • Community News
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • On-going Educational Opportunities
  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor Discussion Boards
  • HOA Updates and Documents
  • And much more