No One Likes a pushy sales personWalking into a sales model home of a new community can be scary. An obnoxious salesperson approaches you and immediately begins selling something.

He talks about how great their models are, touting their upgrades, and all the things they will throw in for free if you buy today. On and on they go, speaking ill of their competition and making you feel more and more uncomfortable with every passing second. Before long he starts to sound like a used car salesman.

The salesperson didn’t take the time to ask about your plans, hopes, and dreams.

He didn’t take the time to find out whether his community is right for you and your family. They didn’t ask whether you’re ready to move now. He didn’t realize that you’re not ready to pick out flooring and counter tops, because you have yet to decide Las Cruces is right for you.

Before long, finding your dream home starts to feel like a chore rather than an exciting adventure.

Purchasing or building a custom home shouldn’t be like buying a used car, or even a new car! It’s not a matter of just taking a test drive and having extra features crammed down your throat.

The Picacho Mountain Education-Centered Process

Organ Mountain View Luxury HomeNow, compare that to how you feel when Picacho Mountain’s customer service team spends time getting to know you, discovering your passions and dreams. Consider how this experience will change the way you feel about finding your dream home, realizing our primary goal is to help you make the choice that is right for you.

Ultimately, only you will know our community is right for you.

Are you finally ready to enjoy your search for a dream home? Then it’s time to ditch the pushy sales people. At Picacho Mountain, education and relationship is at the center of our philosophy. Share your dreams with us and let us guide you through the pressure-free journey to explore your possibilities.

Make sure Las Cruces and Picacho Mountain are right for you. Would you believe that Picacho Mountain is the best community to fit your dreams, let’s find out!

First, we’ll get to know each other.

Second, you select a home for your lifestyle, but only if the fit is right.

Picacho Mountain is not a tract-home, one-size-fits-all kind of community, so you have options. We are the only true mixed-use, master planned community in Southern New Mexico. In fact, Picacho Mountain was designed for you to live in a resort-style community with breathtaking views.

Explore a wide variety of home types and styles. The more we get to know you, the better we can guide you to find the home that’s right for you.

Third, your dream becomes a reality as we walk you through the design and selection process to build your home. Because we’ve been through the process so many times, we make it easy for you.

But before you can find your dream home, take the first step. Call me today at 575-523-2500 to kick the pushy salesperson to the curb and discover how fun it can be to find your home at Picacho Mountain.


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Custom Home Tour With Karen

Custom home designer and builder Karen Pofahl, of West Mesa Builders, walks us through one or her new home during its final stages of construction. This 3600 square foot home is located in Picacho Mountain Master Planned Community and sits on a 2 acre lot that has breathtaking views of the Organ Mountains and Mesilla Valley. The home has a contemporary feel to it, yet seamlessly blends into the beautiful desert surroundings.

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