NMSU Astronomy EventThe New Mexico State University Department of Astronomy will hold an observatory open house at 9 p.m. Friday, April 8, at the NMSU campus observatory. Astronomy personnel on hand will be James McAteer and graduate assistants Liz Klimek, Chas Miller, Greg Taylor, and Candace Gray. Presenters will speak about events which happened a few seconds ago, an hour ago, 600 years ago and 12 million years ago. Earthshine, Saturn’s opposition, Beehives, and colliding galaxies will also be discussed. Participants will observe the waxing crescent moon, Saturn and possibly Titan, M44 Beehive Galaxy in Cancer, and M81/M82 Galaxies near the Big Dipper. Everyone is welcome to come and spend an evening of stargazing. Admission is free and children are especially welcome to attend.For more information, contact the NMSU Astronomy Department at 646-4438.

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