If you are from southern New Mexico or west Texas, you know that our cultural heritage and our beautiful, stark desert landscape are a part of who we are. The people who founded our communities over the last few hundred years were natives whose roots here extend beyond centuries, explorers seeking new homes and fortunes, and adventurers following work across a new nation. All these things are a part of who we are today.

If you moved here, one of the things that probably attracted you to the desert Southwest is these deep cultural roots and the strong connection to the land and to the past. There is something powerful about the history of this area.

Finding gold and adventure by mining the past

Whether native-born or transplant, finding well-designed experiences that connect you to the land and its history is like finding that elusive vein of gold that many adventurers before us sought.

Southwest Expeditions is one of those veins of gold. With a deep appreciation for the land and the history that has shaped our communities, Southwest Expeditions has designed a variety of high-quality adventures that help you make the most of our beautiful desert location.

Not only do they love our history and our desert landscape, but the people at Southwest Expeditions are top-notch tour operators, and do a great job customizing tours to your group’s needs. We encourage you to check out their website to see what they do, but here is a short overview of the types of adventures they host:

·  Cultural Heritage Tours

One thing that sets Southwest Expeditions apart from other tour operators is that that they actually view the history of this area as a treasure that they desire to share with others. Whether it is sharing Native American constellations while viewing the stars in the expansive desert skies or touring the famous sites of the infamous Billy the Kid, their love and passion for history shines through.

They operate tours of historical sites as far back into history as the lonely petroglyphs in the canyons of our local mountains, through the Wild West sites, up to a bike tour of the modern-day downtown of Las Cruces with all its charm.

·  Nature Tours

Ready to discover some of the harder-to-access sites in our beautiful desert? Southwest Expeditions offers many nature adventures that draw you into the land and uncover some of the hidden gems of our natural flora, fauna, and geography.

One of their most popular tours is a float down the Rio Grande River from Leasburg Dam. You can read about our recent experience on this tour here. In addition to the two-hour raft tour that we experienced, they offer more extensive river floats.

Known as the “Sky Islands,” the mountains of southern New Mexico seem to float in the desert skies and tower over the sweeping desert floor. Southwest Expeditions has tours that will explore the leafy green canyons and streams or hike up to some of the more remote areas. You can even see a real crater and lava field right in the Las Cruces area!

·  Other Nearby Adventures

Ever thought about fly fishing in New Mexico? How about a weekend up at Ski Apache? Or a wine tour of the Las Cruces area? Southwest Expedition has many tours that can be customized to your group’s needs. All you need to do is ask!

Get ready to experience southern New Mexico and west Texas, and get ready to find gold!

Southwest Expeditions will not be panning for gold like the miners did before us, but you will definitely find a treasure trove of adventures with Mike and his experienced crew. Give them a call today at 1-877-808-6877 or contact them here. We’ll see you out on the trail!