Green Building: Patagonia LEED certified service center is a great example of successful green building

LEED certification USGBCGreen building and green certification are becoming more and more common every year.  When I began my career in construction and real estate development, the only thing green about the buildings built was the color of the paint and landscaping.  Today, it’s encouraging to see more companies make positive decisions in the way they build their buildings and run their organizations

My brother shared this video with me, and I thought I’d pass it on to you.  It is a great video by the Patagonia company about their LEED certified service center.  This video demonstrates how easy it is to preserve the environment, save money, and create a healthy environment when building a custom home or business.

You can apply these same principles as you build your green custom home in Las Cruces, NM whether you decide to get LEED certified, Build Green New Mexico certified, or get no certification.

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