Your Neighbors at Picacho Mountain

Here’s what a few of our community members and friends have to say!

“The Pofahls are willing and able to customize any of their floor plans to meet the individual needs of each owner. Anything from basic decorating and design choices, to custom appliances and even the floor plan itself. The result will be that no two homes will be exactly alike and all will match the individual requirements of each owner.”   – Tom and Monica H, The Willows

“I have observed the care, planning, and attention to detail that goes into each home. They are on the worksite daily and have a reputation for not accepting anything but the best workmanship from their contractors. Karen actively listened and presented well-researched options that worked within my budget and taste.”  – Renee Caldwell, The Willows  Read more…

”I smile giddily every time I return from errands, and even when I just roam aimlessly from room to room. The quality of the build is amazing.”  – Mark, The Willows  Read more…

“Billie – What can we say except you’re exceptional! Thank you for spending your Sunday with us. Looking forward to constructing our home with you.”  – Kay and Chris N

Absolutely the best decision we ever made was moving [to Las Cruces] and moving to Picacho Mountain” . – Candyce Berger, University Professor

Las Cruces was great, but Picacho Mountain put me over the top! I love my new home at Picacho Mountain so much. I keep expecting it to feel like home, but it still feels like I am living at a resort!”  – Dallas Searcy, Retired Small Business Owner

After finally coming to Picacho Mountain in early 2010, we were blown away with the planning for the area… The views are the best in the city. We feel we are in absolutely the best area available.”  – Steve Jarvis, Retired Aerospace & Electric Engineer

“If we could live anywhere in Las Cruces, we would choose Picacho Mountain… No question about it!”  – David & Carolyn Boyd, Pastor & Las Cruces Resident

“In my opinion, Picacho Mountain is the premier subdivision in the Southwest. No Question! Our houses just fit here.”  – Wayne Suggs, Classic New Mexico Homes

“Las Cruces has such a mild climate. I also love that we are surrounded by mountains. We have so many great mountain views and it only takes a few minutes to get to any of the mountain ranges from Picacho Mountain.”  – Kiki Suggs, Classic New Mexico Homes