Spaceport America and Las Cruces, New Mexico receive more national attention

Virgin Gallactic VSS Enterprise test flight glide
Virgin Gallactic’s VSS Enterprise just completed its first manned test glide mission, bringing them one step closer to commercial spaceflight.

Despite the overwhelming progress that has been made at the Spaceport America just north of Las Cruces, New Mexico, I still encounter many people who are skeptical of the commercial spaceflight industry. There are all kinds of exciting things happening that should put even more doubts to rest. 

Next week the first runway of the Spaceport America will be dedicated during the International Symposium on Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS) and Space Week in New Mexico.

commercial personal spaceflightPlus, Spaceport America and personal spaceflight received some great national press today at  Make sure to read CNN’s article “Experts: Huge space tourism expansion just months away” here.

You can follow the progress of the contstruction of the Spaceport America at this blog.  Also, check out this great exclusive footage of Virgin Galactic and Sir Richard Branson’s most recent test launch on October, 10, 2010.

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