The dirty little secret about how well-written and properly enforced HOA Covenants will protect your luxury home investment

Picacho Mountain HOA CovenantsDo you remember what it was like to open a Christmas present as a child, only to find you’d received socks instead of the bike you were expecting? Sure, we’ve all been there!

Sadly this is the experience that many home buyers have when they move into a new home.

James and Amy planned and saved for years before they retired to Las Cruces, New Mexico to build their dream home. They found a builder, designed their ideal floorplan, selected a home site with a great view, and finally built the luxury home they’d been planning for so many year.

Regrettably James and Amy didn’t build their home at Picacho Mountain.  A few months after they moved in a new home was built up behind them, obscuring the view they loved so much. The neighbor on one side purchased an unsightly, old RV and parked it in the driveway. And the neighbor on the other side decided to paint their garage bright blue. Within a few years James and Amy’s dream home had become their worst nightmare: a new home they no longer wanted that was now decreasing in value.

We Help Protect Your New Home Investment

Classic New Mexico Pueblo Style Custom Home site by Wayne SuggsThat is when James and Amy found Picacho Mountain. When you purchase a luxury home, luxury home site, or patio home at Picacho Mountain you can be confident that your investment will be protected by our community covenants and professionally managed Homeowners Association (HOA).

Over the years covenants (also known as CC&Rs) have gotten a bad reputation, especially when they are not enforced properly. Covenants are rules that protect Picacho Mountain property owners by governing what your neighbors can and can’t do on their properties.

The purpose of community covenants is to create homes and neighborhoods within Picacho Mountain that are pleasing to all residents and promote positive property value for all owners.

Covenants help establish a continuity within Picacho Mountain individual neighborhoods by letting residents know what colors they can use, types of architecture, landscape and other pertinent obligations for upkeep and cleanliness.

It’s OK to Say NO

HOA CovenantsA lack of covenants or covenants without enforcement leads to an unpleasant community with frustrated residents, just like James and Amy. House valuations deteriorate and  conflicts arise among neighbors. That is why sometimes it’s okay for the covenants to tell owners “No” regarding certain things on their property.

For example, Picacho Mountain’s HOA covenants would never allow a garage to be painted blue or an RV to be parked in the driveway next door to James and Amy’s home. That is a perfect example when saying “no” is the best thing for all property owners.

Many communities have covenants. What makes Picacho Mountain so different from other communities in the area is that our covenants were professionally written by attorneys who specialize in working with homeowners associations. Additionally, Picacho Mountain has selected HOAMCO to professionally manage the Homeowners Association and oversee and enforce covenants. HOAMCO has the experience necessary to make sure covenants are followed and every homeowner’s investment is protected.

Our professional community manager from HOAMCO is expertly trained to enforce the community covenants while maintaining positive relationships with all residents.

Working With Your Las Cruces Home Builder

Las Cruces Home BuilderCovenants also affect the Las Cruces home builder.  The Architectural Guidelines give your builder all the information they need in order to build your Picacho Mountain luxury home in accordance with the covenants.  The Architectural Guidelines let your designer and builder know they types of finishes and materials they can use, the maximum elevation for each lot, maximum roof height, minimum square footage requirement, roofing types, exterior lighting specifications, minimum tree number and caliper, fencing types and so much more.

Prior to the start of construction, the builder submits plans to the architectural control committee for design review and approval.  A quality home builder will recognize that strong design guidelines can protect all home builders by requiring they all have similarly high standards.

The Happy Ending

satisfied new home buyerToday, James and Amy are in the process of planning their next home on a Picacho Mountain home site. While some people see covenants as a set of restrictive rules, James and Amy see the importance of well-written, properly-enforced Homeowners Association Covenants. As they break ground on their Picacho Mountain home, James and Amy are confident that the long-term quality and value of their home will be protected… And that they will finally have the luxury home with the million dollar view they’ve been dreaming of.

Contact Picacho Mountain today at 575-523-2500 to find out more about how your luxury home investment is protected when you build your home at Picacho Mountain!





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