Building a Home with a Million Dollar Organ Mountain View

patio view of organ mountains

As a discerning buyer you want to select a beautiful, luxury new home in a spacious home site that captures your one-of-a-kind Organ Mountain view. The Estancias Collection at Picacho Mountain provides exclusive homes starting at 2,400 square feet that are sculpted on your premier home site of choice.

A key component in the Estancias Collection are the master craftsman we select. They have a proven track record in building outstanding homes in Picacho Mountain.  Their attention to detail, amazing quality, and adherence to the environmental covenants with site preparation and construction have confirmed our trust in their workmanship. Estancias Collection homes are turnkey, including home design, home site, and development starting in the 400’s. Getting started is easy:

  1. Select your home site
  2. Fill out the new luxury home survey
  3. Approve your design and paperwork
  4. Personalize your home
  5. Visit your new home during construction
  6. Welcome to your new life in Picacho Mountain!

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You'll love your new home...
… perfectly designed, personalized and built to be everything you want it to be.