Moving to a new city in retirement can be a big deal. How do you make the transition with confidence

Many retirees are looking for new places to retire in their golden years — places where they can find a thriving community and cultural life but also make their retirement dollar stretch further.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, once a sleepy little Southwest town, is growing more popular with retirees looking for great weather year-round, a rich cultural history, and an affordable option for real estate.

Picacho Mountain embodies all the best that Las Cruces has to offer

With our beautiful vistas of the valleys and mountains, carefully designed neighborhoods, and personalized attention to our customers’ needs, Picacho Mountain is the premier retirement destination in Las Cruces. We are excited about The Willows neighborhood, and we love sharing all that our city has to offer with our customers and new neighbors.

Recently, we had the opportunity to introduce Las Cruces to our new neighbor in The Willows, Renee Caldwell. She took a huge leap by moving to a new city in retirement, even though her family and friends back in Boise, Idaho, were surprised by her choice.

“I stumbled upon Las Cruces, New Mexico, almost by accident,” says Renee. “I was even more fortunate when I discovered The Willows. Few of my friends and family believed that I would move to a place where I did not know a single person and had only visited a few times.”

Making a big move takes a little bit of courage, and a lot of research

After retiring from her career as an educator, Renee was looking for the next phase of her life to be about interesting people and diverse activities in a beautiful environment with mild weather. Las Cruces fit her requirements perfectly, but it was personal connection she experienced at Picacho Mountain that really convinced her this was her new home.

“It is a testament to the support of Billie Haynie, my realtor, and Bob and Karen Pofahl, the developers of The Willows at Picacho Mountain, that I felt secure and confident enough to make the move to Las Cruces,” says Renee.

We spent time getting to know Renee and helping her get to know the community of Las Cruces. Then we were able to understand her needs and help her design a retirement home that was all she had hoped for and more.

A personal touch makes all the difference

“Billie is a never-ending source of information about the community,” says Renee. “She personally escorts clients on tours and shopping excursions in the greater Las Cruces area, not just one time, but weekly. Additionally, she kept me updated almost daily concerning the building of my home with photos during the six months of construction, making sure all of my questions were answered clearly. That provided such peace of mind for an out-of-town buyer.”

That personal connection is what makes Picacho Mountain a truly unique community. When you come into our community, you become our neighbors and friends.

When Renee’s home sold in Boise, Billie helped her secure a lovely two-bedroom condo to rent while her home in The Willows was in the final phase of construction.

“She met me at the condo with a welcome basket and the keys,” says Renee. “All on a Sunday! Billie has been so much more than a realtor to me. She has been a source of support, information, trusted advice, and friendship.”

Not just a new house, but a new home with community and neighbors

“The Willows are a dynamic part of the dream that Bob and Karen Pofahl have for Picacho Mountain,” says Renee. “I have observed the care, planning, and attention to detail that goes into each home. They are on the worksite daily and have a reputation for not accepting anything but the best workmanship from their contractors. Karen actively listened and presented well-researched options that worked within my budget and taste.”

“In addition,” she says, “Bob and Karen have created a community where it is easy for neighbors to engage with one another. It is the perfect place to walk, to view the stars, and to be mindful.”

What is The Willows to you?

Quality, personalized construction that compliments a unique environmental setting, with a warm sense of community — I guess that is how I would describe The Willows.

I don’t think we could say it any better. Welcome to the neighborhood, Renee!

Are you considering moving to a new city in retirement? Don’t know where to start looking? Picacho Mountain might be the community that you have been searching for! Give us a call at 575.523.2500 or contact us today. We would love to get to know you!