Adding to a list list of top honors, Las Cruces is now featured as one of the top cities for cycling in the US. Where to Retire featured Las Cruces in the March/April 2016 edition where they highlighted the 8 top cities for cyclists in the US. Click the images below to check out the article.




Here’s what Where to Retire has to say:

Bicycling Beauties: 8 Pedal-Powered Cities

Shedding the car (and rush-hour commutes) is a perk of the retired life, but getting from point A to point B still is necessary. Hopping on a bicycle nails two goals at once: exercise and breathing in the outdoors. Some cities support cycling more than others, with bike lanes, rider encouragement and more. These eight towns “get” the two-wheeler: Ann Arbor, MI; Cary, NC; Chattanooga, TN; Fort Collins, CO; Gainesville, FL; Las Cruces, NM; Mesa, AZ; and Sioux Falls, SD.



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