Las Cruces, New Mexico receives yet another nod as one of the 21 best places to live on the “2009 Best Places to Thrive” list. 

The Best Boomer Towns web site rates the nation top cities based on the high standards that Baby Boomers expect when they relocate or retire.  According to the web site, the key criteria that put Las Cruces on this list include: access to airports, universities, hospitals, social opportunities, cultural activities, a variety of housing costs, and good weather.

“With its amazing climate, vast outdoor activities, and abundant cultural events, it’s no surprise that Las Cruces would be among the best places for Baby Boomers to retire or relocate,” said Picacho Mountain developer Bob Pofahl.

According to, Las Cruces specifically appeals to Boomer’s desire for:
•    Reasonable Cost of Living
•    Beautiful Scenery
•    Cultural Diversity
•    Educational Opportunities
•    Low Crime Rate
•    Small Town Ambiance

With a robust job market, Las Cruces continues to be a top choice for the new wave of boomers who mix retirement relocation with second or continuing careers. The web site also reports that since “retirement dollars go a long way in Las Cruces, retiree can spend their newly acquired time contributing to the community rather than searching for a second income.”