Green Building: Sunspot Solar Energy Systems installs Las Cruces, NM’s largest solar panel system

Las Cruces, New Mexico is continuing to become nation’s most progressive small towns when it comes to green building and green technologyThanks to Beth Sitzler of the Las Cruces Bulletin for allowing us to guest post the following article about a Sunspot Solar Energy Systems.

Two weeks ago, Sunspot Solar Energy Systems installed the largest residential solar panel system in the El Paso Electric Co. operating area.

sunspot solar energyWhile most homes install 3- to 5-kilowatt systems – with larger systems ranging from 7 to 8 kilowatts – Mellow Honek of Sunspot said the home on Bright View Road uses a 16.9-kilowatt system.

“The homeowners are living a more green, more conscious lifestyle,” he said.

Honek said since the system was installed on July 9 and the meter put in 10 days ago, the home has used 409 kilo watt hours, which is about $49 – a huge decrease from the thousands of kilowatts the home normally uses.

“Continuing that for 30 days, they’re looking at a bill of about $150, instead of $400,” said Honek, adding that the home has also produced 500 kilowatts since it was turned on. “Even on cloudy, rainy days, it still produces a substantial amount of electricity.”

With 75 panels – each producing 250 watts DC, which are converted into AC watts – Honek said homeowners are dramatically reducing the amount of energy they consume, which is beneficial to everyone on the electric grid.

“Larger systems have more rapid payback because the value of the system is a little higher,” he said. “The system offsets demand on the electrical system in the whole area and is financially beneficial to the homeowners.”

Honek said that while the homeowners are becoming more green conscious, they aren’t sacrificing anything.

“They can still enjoy amenities and still contribute and come out financially ahead on the deal,” he said.

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