Q. Where is Picacho Mountain?
A: Picacho Mountain is conveniently located just minutes from shopping, dining, and many other amenities.  Click to view a map of Picacho Mountain’s location in proximity to the surrounding amenities.

Q. How big is Picacho Mountain?
A: Picacho Mountain is 800 acres and consists primarily of large luxury estate home sites and custom homes. However, Picacho Mountain also offers a variety of other products such as upscale patio homes, town homes, resort villas, and neighborhood retail.

Q. What does Picacho mean?
A: Picacho Mountain’s name is derived from area’s natural landmark known as Picacho Peak. The origin of the Spanish word “”picacho”” means point or peak.

Q. When did construction begin on Picacho Mountain?
A: Phase One, Las Estancias, was completed in 2007.  Luxury estate home sites are ready to begin building your dream home.  The neighborhoods surrounding Picacho Mountain are know as Picacho Hills and have existed for approximately 20 years.

Q. What makes Picacho Mountain different from other residential developments?
A: Picacho Mountain is a cutting-edge community reminiscent of a great southwest small town.  The master plan was designed by one of the nation’s leading land planners with a commitment to preserving the history and the natural beauty of the area.  The community includes a variety of lifestyle amenities and features that will enrich and enhance your life.

Q. Is Picacho Mountain a gated community?

A: Picacho Mountain offers a wide range of both gated and non-gated neighborhoods.

Q. What is Picacho Mountain’s source of water?

A: Picacho Mountain’s water is supplied by Doña Ana Mutual DWA, which is required by the city and county to have a proven 100 year reserve to supply water.

Q. What are the property taxes for homes and lots at Picacho Mountain?
Picacho Mountain is located in Dona Ana County.  The taxable value on real and personal property is one third of the total assessed value, minus any allowable exemptions, such as head-of-household or veteran’s exemptions. The property tax rate for homes and lots in Dona ana county is .022086.  For more information on calculating property tax rates visit Dona Ana County Tax Assessor web site.


Q. How will water drainage be maintained?
A: Picacho Mountain’s drainage system has been master planned by experts to properly manage the flow of surface runoff through the natural arroyos as well as a system of engineered ponds and arroyos. This system was designed with minimal disturbance to the natural arroyos and open spaces, which allow natural percolation of surface water. The developers also invited neighboring resident engineers to review drainage designs and engineering calculations.

Strict builder requirements will be enforced in order to protect natural areas from erosion of building pads and silt runoff into natural landscape or onto streets. Each estate home site owner will also be required to retain runoff from roofs, driveways, and patios, as described in Protective Covenants and Architectural Guidelines.

Q. Are there schools near Picacho Mountain?

A: Las Cruces offers a variety of educational opportunities for students of all ages.  Picacho Mountain is served by the areas top schools: Fairacres Elementary School, Picacho Middle School, and Mayfield High School.

Q. What is the style of homes at Picacho Mountain?

A: Picacho Mountain features a native Southwest & Santa Fe architectural concept. The community Design Guidelines will preserve your home value by ensuring that all homes blend into the natural desert landscape. Home sites are designed to integrate with the natural existing terrain with a choice of colors selected from the local desert scenery. Abundant open space will be accessible for residents’ enjoyment through a system of integrated walking trails.

Click here to view the community Design Guildlines.

Q. What custom home builders can I work with at Picacho Mountain?

A: Picacho Mountain is working with some of the best and brightest custom home builders builders in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The builders currently building at Picacho Mountain include Desert Sage Builders, Cole Thomas Homes, Jactel Construction, Coyle and Associates Builders, From the Ground Up, Classic New Mexico Homes and more.  You can choose a home site and work with one of these builders or select the builder of your choice. However all builders are required to comply with the architectural guidelines and all home plans are reviewed by the Architectural Design Committee appointed by the Home Owners Association.

Q. What are the prices of the homes at Picacho Mountain?

A: Picacho Mountain offers homes in a variety of price ranges. New luxury homes at Picacho Mountain range from the $450’s to $1.2 million. Patio and Courtyard Homes will start from the $240’s and New Mexico Town Homes from the $180’s to $230’s.

Q. Is there an airport near Picacho Mountain?

A: It is approximately an 8-mile drive to Las Cruces International Airport from Picacho Mountain. The airport is primarily a general aviation airport catering to business and leisure travelers in private aircraft. The airport elevation is significantly higher than that of Picacho Mountain. There is minimal noise impact on the community because of the airport use and elevation differences.

El Paso International Airport is approximately 45 minutes from Picacho Mountain.  It is the nearest commercial hub and is service by many major airlines.  Shuttle service is available from Las Cruces to El Paso International Airport.

Q. What is the future of development adjacent to the community?

A: Residential subdivisions exist to the south and east of Picacho Mountain. The 1,000 acre Picacho Peak Recreation Area lies to the north of the community and airport property exists to the west. Although it is not guaranteed, it is highly unlikely that any continued development will occur directly adjacent to the property.

Q. Is Picacho Mountain actually a subdivision?

A: Picacho Mountain is in the County of Doña Ana within the extra-territorial zone of the City of Las Cruces. However, the community features many of the characteristics of a great southwestern small town in its design, complete with its own Main Street, amenities and recreational facilities.

Q. How will Picacho Mountain impact the local economy?
A: Jobs are created through the building industry, which supports additional area jobs. The retail village will also create service jobs outside of the building sector.

In addition to creating jobs, this project has been designed to compete with premier master planned communities in the Southwest such as DC Ranch in Scottsdale, Dove Mountain in Tucson, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Picacho Mountain is an attractive alternative to other areas in the Southwest because of Las Cruces’ year-round temperate climate, warm, small town feel, affordability in comparison to other markets, and opportunities for continuing education at New Mexico State University.

Picacho Mountain is targeting the 50+ baby boomer market. This market niche represents 70% of the U.S. wealth, 55% of the discretionary income, and 27% of the population. These buyers support the local economy through retail spending and civic involvement.

Q. How will traffic be routed from Picacho Mountain?
A: Traffic in the first phases will be routed through Anthem Rd. via Barcelona Ridge Dr. to Picacho Hills Dr. A future secondary access to Picacho Ave. (H-70) and I-10 is planned from the southwest corner of the property.

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