Picacho Mountain Green Build Certification 

Build green new mexicoAt Picacho Mountain our mission is to be the leading community developer in the region to support green building and sustainable development.  Our vision is to be a community that demonstrates and promotes green building, solar energy, preservation, conservation, and sustainable development strategies.

One of the practical ways we demonstrate this commitment to sustainable development is through green certification. Las Estancias de Picacho Mountain has been certified as a Build Green New Mexico Exceptional Sustainable Development. Picacho Mountain is Southern New Mexico’s only Build Green New Mexico certified community.

Picacho Mountain’s green certification means that you can take advantage of valuable green certification points when you build your next home at Picacho Mountain. Here are the a few of the things that Picacho Mountain completed in order to achieve build green certification:

Identified the goals of green build certification:

  • Established a knowledgeable development team
  • Wrote a Green Development Mission Statement
  • Identified goals and objectives
  • Identified team member rolls
  • Trained contractors and conducted on-site supervision

Selected the development site:

  • Avoided sensitive areas (steep slopes, arroyos)

Designed the site:

  • Conserved natural resources
  • Oriented over half the lot to optimize solar potential
  • Minimized slope disturbance
  • Minimized soil disturbance and erosion
  • Manage storm water properly
  • Devised a landscape plan to conserve water
  • Maintained wildlife habitat
  • Prepared an operation and maintenance plan

Developed the site:

  • Provided on-site supervision
  • Conserved existing on-site vegetation
  • Minimized on-site soil disturbance and erosion

Implemented the following innovative options:

  • Reduced street widths
  • Reduced lighting
  • Developed front yard landscape guidelines to conserve water

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