When I turn on the news in the morning lately, all I can do is shiver!

The winter weather has been just dreadful around the U.S. Record snow storms. Achingly cold temperatures.

But this morning I shut off the set and meandered outside to finish my coffee in the sunshine.

That’s right. A sweater is all you need most days!

The weather in Las Cruces has been just beautiful this winter, as it is pretty much every winter — and the rest of the year, too!

Some of the country’s best weather is in Las Cruces

Sperling’s “Best Places” has some wonderful things to say about life in Las Cruces — and we have to agree!

The beautiful weather in Las Cruces scored some impressive numbers:

  • Las Cruces scored 74 out of 100 on their year-round climate comfort index (the average US score is 54!)
  • Average annual rainfall in Las Cruces is about 11 inches, versus the 39 sloshy days the rest of the U.S. averages
  • Las Cruces enjoys a light snow once or twice a year, averaging 3 inches. The US average is about 26 inches! Brr!
  • We see 294 sunny, blue-sky days a year

It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day

Our climate is one of the biggest draws for families and retirees who are ready to enjoy the outdoors.

But not only does Las Cruces offer comfortable winters, we also beat the heat of some of the country’s famously toasty locales.

We welcome plenty of transplants who move here to escape the frigid North Dakota and Michigan winters, but there’s also a nice population of Arizona and California natives who love our more forgiving summer days.

During any season you please, the weather in Las Cruces can’t be beaten.

Ready to warm your bones in Las Cruces?

We’ve got a sunbeam waiting for you! Give us a call today at 575-523-2500.



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