When you think about our small town charm and personable community, you might be tempted to assume the art scene in Las Cruces is quiet … but nothing could be further from the truth!

The Downtown Art Ramble in Las Cruces is a vibrant, colorful alternative to the tired “dinner and a movie” Friday night routine, full of local artists and their work, live music, wine, and refreshments.

The Downtown Art Ramble is a favorite event among art connoisseurs and crayola adherents alike. The atmosphere is fun and never stuffy, and there are fresh treasures for viewing and purchase every month.

When and where to ramble

Enjoy yourself at the Downtown Art Ramble in Las Cruces every first Friday of the month, from 5 to 7pm. You can begin at any of the stops and take your own pace throughout.

The parking downtown is easy, but you’ll find a greater concentration of the Downtown Art Ramble stops toward the south half of the Mainstreet Downtown strip.

You can usually grab a map at one of the participating galleries or shops, but you’ll be able to tell where the party’s at just by watching the flow of happy people rambling downtown.

Art galleries galore

Whether you join in the ramble or not, there’s a wonderful, energetic art scene downtown year round. The Downtown Las Cruces art scene includes about a dozen art galleries and museums.

Make sure to stop by M. Phillip’s Gallery and the Julie Ford Oliver Gallery — two of our favorite stops!

M. Phillip’s Gallery has an exquisite collection of European and New Mexican art in many media. Julie Ford Oliver is a visionary artist known for using texture to give her paintings a captivating quality. You can usually catch Ms. Ford Oliver in her gallery during the Ramble.

Want to learn more about the art scene or the Downtown Art Ramble in Las Cruces? Give us a call today at 575-523-2500!



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