History of The 

The land surrounding Picacho Mountain enjoys a rich and colorful history dating back well before the first European explorers arrived in the Americas. The Mogollon Indians first inhabited this region from 200 BC until 400 AD when they were assimilated into the Anazasi culture. In 1598, Don Juan de Oñate claimed possession of the land for the Spanish crown. Much later, using Picacho Peak as a guide, the Butterfield Stage Line ran through Box Canyon on its way to old Mesilla and its final destination of San Francisco.

Charles Francis Burke, rancher and farmer, purchased the Richard Baker Ranch in 1950. The land has been used as a cattle ranch and farmed for cotton, alfalfa, and corn. A new chapter in the ongoing story of Picacho Mountain began in 2002 when the developers joined with the landowners to create a premier community.

Comprised of over 750 acres, Picacho Mountain is set in the Chihuahuan Desert between the rolling Doña Ana Mountains and the picturesque Organ Mountains, a site that offers breathtaking views. The luxury homes at Picacho Mountain have developed with a deep respect for the land. By preserving desert open spaces, complementing the environment and becoming a natural extension of the surrounding Chihuahuan Desert, today the rich heritage of this land lives on at Picacho Mountain.

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