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Picacho Mountain Master Planned Community 
Located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Picacho Mountain Master Planned Community is Southern New Mexico’s only Certified Build Green Community.  The vision for Picacho Mountain was born from a passion for community and dedication to excellence. At Picacho Mountain you will find a great community and exquisite New Mexico luxury homes.

Picacho Mountain’s philosophy  is based on developing a vibrant, sustainable community that will increase in value for generations.
This is accomplished through a commitment to:

Building Community – At Picacho Mountain, community development is more than just amazing luxury homes and semi-custom homes. Community is an opportunity for:

  • Healthier Living… through active use of walking trails, nature paths, access to outdoor activities, Picacho Hills Country   Club golf, tennis and other facilities, availability of certified Build Green homes and more.
  •  Engaged Living… through an active neighborhood and HOA, resident web portal, community activities, clubs &  organizations, neighborhood retail area, resort & spa and more.

Preserving Nature – Picacho Mountain is proud to be the Southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas region’s first Certified Build Green Community. The road design, home site layouts, neighborhood retail area, walking trails, and parks are all designed to preserve a maximum amount of untouched open space for your enjoyment.

Promoting Excellence – The nationally renowned land planners and developers of Picacho Mountain raise the bar for master planned communities in New Mexico. Picacho Mountain employs the latest research and technology in the design of every aspect of this community from drainage control to parks and gathering spaces. A corporate commitment to excellence means you can rest easy knowing that even the smallest details of the community have been expertly executed.

Bob & Karen Pofahl, the founders and developers, have a long history of building community both nationally and internationally.  Bob and Karen’s leadership in US and overseas organizations demonstrates their commitment to a healthy neighborhood fiber, beyond just bricks and mortar.  It is about creating opportunities for residents to participate in creating a place called home, engaging in meaningful moments with loved ones, and connecting with neighbors. Bob and Karen invite you to experience the rich heritage of Picacho Mountain.  Become a part of this vibrant community and build a legacy of your own to be cherished for generations to come.

Contact our Community Concierge at 575-523-2500
for more information on Picacho Mountain and
the spectacular new homes in Las Cruces, New Mexico.