About Bob & Karen Pofahl

Bob and Karen Pofahl are the founders and developers of Picacho Mountain Master Planned Community.

Bob & Karen Pofahl are the founders and developers of Picacho Mountain Master Planned Community.  They have a long history of building community both nationally and internationally. At Picacho Mountain you will find a great community and exquisite new custom homes that reflect Bob & Karen’s passion for excellence.

Bob and Karen’s leadership in US and overseas organizations demonstrates their commitment to a healthy neighborhood fiber, beyond just bricks and mortar. It is about creating opportunities for residents to participate in creating a place called home, engaging in meaningful moments with loved ones, and connecting with neighbors.

Bob and Karen invite you to experience the rich heritage of Picacho Mountain. Become a part of this vibrant community and build a legacy of your own to be cherished for generations to come.

For the past 35 years Bob Pofahl has been principally engaged in the management and organization of companies involved in real estate development and construction. Prior to forming CBI, Bob Pofahl and his associates built several nationally recognized companies, later integrated into subsidiaries, which provided real estate and building services. Those services encompassed architectural, engineering, construction, development, property management, financing and real estate securities. Bob and his related companies have been involved in over $3 Billion in real estate projects.

Some of Bob’s more notable accomplishments include the development of over 20 Embassy Suite Hotels, the acquisition of the Park Suite Hotel chain from Brock Hotels, and the development and sale of the Park Suite Hotel chain to the Sara Hotels of Stockholm, Sweden. In the early 1980’s Bob became convinced that the future of real estate was in securitized debt and equity. In 1985 he worked with America First Securities and E.F. Hutton to sponsor the first combined debt and equity real estate security offered on Wall Street. The offering successfully raised over $300 million for the development of residential apartments.

Bob’s wife Karen Pofahl is President and Executive Director of Community Resource International (CRI), a non-profit community development organization committed to working with communities, homeowner associations and developers to empower residents to create better neighborhoods. In addition to CRI, Karen served as Director of King’s Kids El Paso, a youth program training and releasing young people to practically apply and share their faith and skills through service to their communities and beyond. Karen also directed the King’s Kids program in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for five years.

After graduating from the University of Texas at El Paso, Karen began her career as an escrow officer for First American Title Company. During that time she has assisted in the organization and management of construction and development companies owned and operated by the family trust. Karen’s most recent focus has been in Mexico, leading youth and adults in community projects such as building homes, orphanages and schools for people in need. Karen handles administrative, legal, and accounting oversight for CBI and its subsidiaries.

Bob and Karen Pofahl have three grown children and four grandsons.